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Our Mission

Connecting Prophetic Hands Globally

The Prophetic College is an online institution that provides training and development to those with prophetic gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Through e-courses, our mission is to equip people with in-depth teachings of the Prophetic Sciences as displayed throughout the Bible.   

Led by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and Bishop George Bloomer, the vision is to ensure students of the Prophetic College are able to create masterful breakthroughs in their lives and the lives of others.

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Prophetic Fundamental: 100 Notes on Prophecy

The Prophetic ministry can appear mysterious, unfamiliar, or maybe even intimidating. In fact, you may even have your reservation about modern-day prophets. Maybe you are hesitant to consider God’s call on your life to be a prophet.

This e-course is for you to take a journey of learning and discovering about the prophetic ministry, answering your prophetic calling, and honing in your prophetic gift.

Characteristics of a Prophet: Discipline

We discussed the characteristic of a Prophet is to have obedience. However, that can be the only characteristic a Prophet…

Characteristics of a Prophet: Obedience

“The fact that the Prophet cared for every human being and tried his best to ensure their security in the…

Recap of The Prophetic College (A.L.T.)

This past weekend, The Prophetic College held the Adjutant Leadership Training at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square in New…

The Prophetic College Wants The Prophetic Voices To Break Their Silence

On Day One of The Prophetic College, the word that kept arising was “exile”. However, on Day Two the essence…